Characteristics of chlorinated polyethylene

Date:Sep 13,2019

1) CPE is a kind of saturated rubber. It has excellent heat and oxygen aging, ozone aging, acid and alkali resistance and chemical properties.
2) CPE has general oil resistance, among which ASTM No. 1 and ASTM No. 2 oil have excellent oil resistance, similar to NBR, and ASTM No. 3 oil has excellent oil resistance, superior to CR and comparable to CSM.
3) CPE contains chlorine, which has excellent flame retardancy and anti-dropping characteristics. Combining with antimony flame retardant, chlorinated paraffin and Al (OH) 3 in proper proportion, flame retardant materials with good flame retardancy and low cost can be obtained.
4) CPE is non-toxic, does not contain heavy metals and PAHS, it fully meets the requirements of environmental protection.
5) CPE has high filling property and can produce products that meet various performance requirements. CPE has good processing performance, and Mooney viscosity (ML121 + 4) can be selected from 50 to 100 brands.

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